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Situated in High and New Technical Industry Development Area, Zhenghzou, China, Mining machinery manufacturers Vipeak Machinery Group Company is a high-tech company , cooperating with Sveadaka Company to develop and produce industrial mills.

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Talc Powder, also called French Chalk, is the grinding products of Talc stone( known as Mica, Mus Covite, Glist and Talcum in some place). It is formed by Calcium Chloride Flakes, widely used in paper making and cosmetics Industry.
Talcum is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula H2Mg3(SiO3)4 or Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. In loose form, it is the widely-used substance known as talcum powder. It occurs as foliated to fibrous masses, its monoclinic crystals being so rare as to be almost unknown, and is the softest known mineral on the Mohs hardness. It is also sectile (can be cut with a knife). It has a specific gravity of 2.5–2.8, a clear or dusty luster, and is translucent to opaque.Its colour is white to grey or green with a distinctly greasy feel.

Talc Powder Uses: Talc is a hydrothermal alteration mineral. Magnesium-rich minerals often become talc by hydrothermal alteration, so it is often called olivine talc, enstatite, hornblende, tremolite, etc.

Vipeak is a manufacturer of talc grinding mill and crusher in China, and design the crushing plant and grinding production line for stone, mine ore, coal, cement, and construction waste. We can provides all sorts of construction and mining equipmetns for ore mining, beneficiation, processing, refining, and also have some agency around the globe.

Talcum(French Chalk) Fine Powder Grinding Process

After Talcum stone happens of the ground, it typically continues a conveyor belt to some preparation plant that’s located on the mining site. The Talcum plant cleans and procedures stone ( washing machine).Then stone were crushed into small ones through primary crushers. Following your materials they fit in to the grinding room with the main equipment, the material is slowly and steadily worn away. The grinding wheel acts like many countless very small lathe bit, each cutting off some metal from talc. Grinding abrades material you might say much like sanding. After seprated and collected,we finally obtain the fine powder.

Talc grinding mill used for talc powder

In talc powder production line, crushed talc is grinded into powder. Talc powder usually is 200 mesh and 325 mesh, and is also used for paper making. The fine talc powder is less than 5 um, and mainly found in Coatings, paints, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics and other industries.

Raymond mill for talc: Raymond mill is used for grinding talc into powder lower than 0.044mm. The whole talc grinding plant includes jaw crusher, elevator, vibrating feeder, classifier, collector cloth deduster and high-pressure blower.

Ultrafine grinding mill for fine talc powder: The fine talc powder is normally 1250 mesh, 2500mesh, and 7000mesh. In order to get fine talc powder, we pick the ultragine grinding mill used as talc fine powder machine. The finished size can be upto 0.005 mm, and also the capacity vary from 320 kg/h to 6000kg/h.

Vibraitng screen will be the essential talc screening machine. It’s utilized in screening process. Ususlly it’s three grade:>100mm, 30-100mm, <30 mm.







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