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Vipeak crusher processing medical stone widely applied to various industries
India Medical Stone mineral composition is mainly plagioclase, K-feldspar, quartz, biotite, sericite, amphibole, pyroxene, etc., along with minor apatite, according to stone, diamonds, rutile, magnetite, green debris, epidote, monazite, cassiterite, fluorite, vermiculite, tourmaline, garnet, montmorillonite, etc. Medical Stone is a kind of bio-toxic, harmless and have some biological activity of the compound or medicinal mineral rocks.

Mostly in stone of the rock, acid magmatic rocks, including granodiorite porphyry, monzonite porphyry, quartz porphyry, quartz monzonite, granite-monzonite, hornblende monzonite, black Cloud Farm monzonite and andesite, rhyolite, hornblende andesite, perlite, granite gneiss, lamprophyre, trachyte, trachyandesite and so on. There is a small amount of rare elements, rare earth elements, radioactive elements. The identification and analysis of rock only after processing, to meet quality standards can be applied as stone.

Currently, the stone is mainly used for medical care, food, beverage and water purification, sewage treatment, antiseptic, deodorant, preservation, decontamination, and planting and breeding industry and other fields.

India Medical Stone Crushing processing plant machine

Stone of the biological and environmental applications generally do not need to determine its ultra-fine grinding, the crushed stone after beneficiation to 74μm (200 mesh) is about to meet in general medicine, agricultural production, biological and other fields of use requirements . The grinding process: stone (after dressing) crushing, grinding. General use of broken stone dry, with jaw crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher or hammer; finely ground using grinder, turbo grinding, mechanical impact mill, etc., finely ground to 74μm (200 mesh) or less.

India Medical Stone processing technology

India Stone is a special medicinal and environmental non-metallic minerals. Its main value lies in its application as well as solubility characteristics of the dissolution of the useful elements of human and animal, selective adsorption, mineralization, and biological properties such as physical and chemical properties. Therefore, it is difficult to measure a specific indicator of the purity of stone. Stone processing is mainly centered around the development and utilization of its unique physical and chemical properties to carry out.

For example, to use its mineral properties and the dissolution of trace elements useful for the human body, to be processed into mineral water, drinks or added to foods; to take advantage of the adsorption characteristics of adsorption of its eco-friendly materials or processed into water purification agent. Processing method or process is mainly determined according to their field of application, different applications require different processing methods. For example, preparation of beverages generally of stone crushing, soaking, fine filtration and sterilization, canned and other processes; preparation of water purification or filters are generally crushed stone to be sintered to a certain size or shape; preparation of wheat rice to stone quarry of core crushing, screening by adding binder to be mixed the ingredients, heating, forming and baking. Stone of the biological and medical fields requiring special use must be dressing. Stone ore generally by hand after crushing election.

Preparation of stone with stone drink, you need to use some chemical methods of stone composition in the extraction of some elements, such as water and acid to adjust pH value and heat to boiling, the use of acetic acid to extract stone in the effective components.

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