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Some simple maintenance methods of fault about jaw crusher

Host sudden shutdown (commonly known as: nausea trucks).
1) plug nesting mouth, causing filled with plugging materials;

2) the rotating drive shafts round of the triangular belt loose, causing belt slipping

3) bear the eccentric shaft sleeve loose, causing the rack housings on both sides without gaps, the eccentric shaft card death, not rotation;

4) low voltage work sites, mainframe encountered Daliao, unable broken;

 5) bearing damage.
1) removal of the nesting population plug to ensure a smooth flow of materials;

2) 1.30-tight belt or replacement;

 3) re-installation or replacement of the tight sleeve

4) for the voltage is at work, to make it compatible with the host operating voltage ;

5) replacement of bearings.
Host trough round, moving jaw functioning normally, but broken cease work.
1) taut spring fracture;

2) drawbars fault;

3) loss or plate elbow fracture.

1) Replacement taut spring;

 2) replacement of drawbars

3) re-installation or replacement of the toggle plate.
Factory output up less than standard.
1) The broken material hardness or toughness than the provisions of the Manual,

2) electrical wiring-access location, host Kai-car (a jaw clockwise rotation), or by access to motor triangle into astrocytes to law; ) provides nesting population is less than the limit;

4) translocation jaw plates, and top gear tooth relative Top

5) low-voltage work at the scene;
6) Fixed jaw and bearing wear too much space, a relative bearing outer ring rotation.
1) to replace or increase crusher;

2) replacement motor wiring;
3) nesting I adjusted to the provisions of the said statement nesting chronology for the mouth and increase the crusher;

 4) check from the teeth-tooth size, such as sub-standard replacement jaw plates must be in tune with the activities of the fixed jaw plate and palate plate the relative position of the top teeth to ensure that the tooth root, fixed clamping to prevent displacement;

5) increase the voltage at work, in order to meet requirements of heavy-duty mainframe 6) the replacement bearings or moving the jaw crusher.
Activities and the work of the fixed jaw plate when beating or hit.
1) jaw plates fastening bolts loose or falling;

2) nesting population is too small, the two hit each other at the bottom of the jaw plate.
1) or tight set of external bolt;

 2) align the nesting population to ensure that the correct two jaw plate gap.
Plate elbow fracture.
1) Host overload or greater than the size of the feed material into the mouth;
2) non-broken into the crushing chamber of

 3) elbow plate and elbow pads between parallel plates, skewed

4) Casting a more serious casting defects.
1) replacement of the toggle plate and feed particle size control, and to prevent the host overload;

2) replacement of the toggle plate and take measures to prevent the entry of non-fragmentation broken cavity;

3) the replacement of boards and elbow replacement plate has worn elbow pads, correct Installation elbow plate;

4) qualified elbow replacement board.
Spring fracture.
For small nesting population, not relax spring.
Replacement spring.
Block off adjustment.
1) elbow plate, plate elbow pad their own procurement or restructuring, mainframe manufacturers do not meet design requirements;

2) at fixed adjustment bolts loosening

3) Block, a serious adjustment casting defects or welding defects.
1) Block replace and adjust assembly console manufacturers and the replacement of original toggle plate, plate elbow pads,

2) replacement of adjustment blocks and blocks bear the adjustment bolts;

3) replacement of adjustment blocks.
Bending or eccentric shaft fracture.
1) In the process of loading a host Rollover, the unilateralism of the eccentric shaft bending,

2) more than the hardness of the broken product brochures;

3) ultra-long-term negative mainframe operations;

4) elbow board sub-standard, non-detritus broken into the cavity from the fault protection;
5) eccentric shaft improper heat treatment, stress concentration, causing short-term fracture.
1) replacement of the eccentric shaft, the right lifting host;

2) replacement of the eccentric shaft, broken by the compressive strength of materials, select suitable breakers;

3) replacement of the eccentric shaft in tune with the work load or replace broken line;

4) replacement of the eccentric shaft, not to use inconsistent with the design standards elbow plate, plate elbow pads;

 5) replacement of the eccentric shaft, the use of heat treatment of qualified eccentric shaft.
Fixed jaw fracture.
1) left-intensive casting porosity, and other serious defects;

 2) the use of substandard elbow plate, plate elbow pads, crusher in strong shocks, the board has not since elbow protection;

3) moving the jaw displacement occurred in the rack , at the bottom end collision rack side boards;

 4) drawbars spring tension timely replacement has not yet expired;

 5) provides nesting population is less than the limit;

6) feed position is wrong, or the end of a biased angle too steep hopper, Fixed materials directly impact the jaw head.

1) replacement of fixed jaw.

2) replacement of fixed jaw. At the same time replaced the original console manufacturers elbow plate, plate elbow pads;

3) the replacement of fixed jaw. At the same time the correct assembly eccentric shaft, bearings, bushings and dynamic set tight jaw, and the replacement of damaged parts, and 4) replace the fixed jaw. At the same time replace the drawbars spring;

5) replacement of fixed jaw. At the same time, as required adjustment nesting population;
6) the replacement of fixed jaw. At the same time by doing-hopper to ensure that the material uniform, smooth, and the middle - to-2.
Rack housings or excessive temperature rise within the fixed jaw.
1) Bearing broken into too much oil or oil;

 2) hole plug, oil and not enter

3)-tank round with weights position deviation, rack beating;
4) tight in the axial movement of the hub;

5) Cage bearing wear or damage;

6) non-bearing temperature, but moving the jaw sealing kits and cover friction fever or rack housings and double-inlay covered with Spindle rotation, friction heat.
1) the specification, on time quantitative refueling;

 2) removal hole, plug the fuel tank; 3) align the round-slot position with weights;
4) Demolition rack bearing caps, firmly lock the bushes and removed the flywheel or trough round, the tight set of new bushings;

 5) replacement of bearings;
6) Cover and seal replacement kit, or release rack housings fever bearing on the end caps, fuses and inlay covered with a pressure tank into the rack housings, then set on the bearing caps to eliminate inlay covered rotation.
Axial-trough occurred about swinging round.
1)-tank round hole, or shaft-button wear, with loose,

 2) into the wheels rolling stone inside, causing round of round-groove shell cracking;

 3) casting defects;

 4)-groove Lunzhang sleeve loose.
1) Wear-button, button-replacement, or replacement of eccentric axis or trough-round,

2) by do-tank round shields and replace eccentric axis or trough-round

3) replacement of eccentric axis or trough round.

4) to set up tight sleeve.
Rack cracking.
1) Casting defects or welding quality defects;

 2) the use of substandard elbow plate, plate elbow pads, crusher in strong shocks, since elbow board has not broken protection, a rack shattered;

3) of the fixed plate fixed jaw , a long-term ran from top to bottom, hit the wall rack before take-teeth-

4) at the end mainframe foot rigid foundation difference in the level of super-poor or collapse, rack beating;

5) rack stamp bearing two bolts loosening;
6) fixed in the activities of the jaw plates continue to be used after the tooth wear;

7) of the eccentric shaft, and marketing damage or expansion sleeve loose, groove to fly round the wrong direction with weights.
1) removal of the original crack defects, welding amendment and, if necessary, replaced with new rack,

2) repair or replacement of the rack and replaced the original console manufacturers elbow boards and elbow pads plate;

 3) repair or replacement of the Rack, and bear the fixed teeth-bolt;

4) repair or replacement of the rack, and tight end set foot rack bolts, and correct level, and strengthen basic;

 5) repair or replacement of the rack, and fastening bearings covered with two bolts;

6) repair or replacement of the rack, and the jaw after the timely replacement of worn boards;

 7) repair or replacement of the rack, and for being eccentric pin block, or transferred direction, the expansion sleeve tight.
A rear acoustic percussion rack.
1) drawbars not tightened, toggle plate collision dynamic adjustment of the jaw and elbow at the plate pad; 2) drawbars and dynamic hook jaw of a lower friction 3) Block spring and spring between the impact crusher.
1) Retention drawbars; 2) Check whether the failure spring tension, such as the failure to replace the spring bear the drawbars or re-fastening spring; 3) will be installed at Spring place, and the pull rod nut to bear suitable location.
Rack serious beating.
1) Anchor Bolt loosening or fracture, 2) fly round slot with weights position deviation; 3) not based on solid hosts, no isolation measures.
1) Anchor Bolt bear the fault or replacement of the bolts, 2) discard-axle tank cover plate, spin-fly, groove Lunzhang sleeve bolt in tune with the fly, with heavy tank round block position, and then the bear Up sleeve bolt;
3) Strengthening basis, plus pad, such as ties or rubber.

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