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Introduction to the parts of jaw crusher and its working characters

Jaw Crusher
Contents of the characteristics and type:
SR placed jaw crusher working principle:
Compound pendulum jaw crusher working principle:
Other types of jaw crusher:
Jaw Crusher s main components:

       Jaw crusher used for various ores and medium-size bulk materials broken. Jaw Crusher (broken jaw) is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water and chemical industry. Be broken materials for the maximum compressive strength of 3.2 Mpa.

Characteristics and types of work:
       Jaw Crusher in mining, building materials and infrastructure sector mainly for rough broken in the broken machine and machine. According to the material I width size, divided into small, medium and large are expected to mouth width greater than 600 MM for the mainframe, feeding mouth width 300-600 MM for the medium machine, feeding mouth width of less than 300 MM To Minicomputer.

       Jaw Crusher part of the work of two jaw plates, First fixed jaw plates (set jaw), vertical (or slightly top of the dumping) fixed in the body before the wall and the other activities of the jaw plates (fixed jaw), location tilt with a fixed jaw on the big board under the crushing chamber small (working chamber). Activities into the jaw plate fixed jaw plate so cyclical reciprocating motion, sometimes separately, sometimes around. Separately, into the crushing chamber materials and finished products are unloaded from the bottom; around, the board installed in the jaw between the two materials are squeezed, bending and splitting role broken. 

        jaw crusher activities in accordance with the board of the swing different ways, can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher (SR placed jaw crusher). Swing complex jaw crusher (compound pendulum jaw crusher) and the Integrated Swing jaw crusher three.

SR placed jaw crusher working principle:

       Fixed jaw hanging in mind axis, for about swinging, eccentric shaft rotation, the linkage Undo reciprocating motion. Thrust led two plates do reciprocating motion, thus promoting the jaw moving around reciprocating motion to achieve broken and unloading. Such breakers used crank double linkage, although the move jaw broken by a great force, and the eccentric shaft and connecting rod is Daolibu, therefore industry made more mainframe and mid-range machines, used to Crushing hard materials. In addition, the crusher work, moving the jaw on the trajectory of each point are mandrel as the center arc, radius equal to the axis points to the distance, small circular top, the bottom of the arc, Crushing less efficient, than i normally broken 3-6. simple as trajectory, it said simple swing jaw crusher.

       SR placed jaw crusher compact simple, eccentric shaft drive, such as a smaller force; Since moving jaw vertical displacement smaller, less materials processing of the phenomenon of excessive fragmentation, moving jaw jaw plate wear smaller.

Compound pendulum jaw crusher working principle:
        Fixed jaw hanging in the top direct eccentric shaft, as the crank and connecting rod linkage, the eccentric shaft from the eccentric direct drive, moving the lower jaw thrust plate support hinge linked to the rack after the wall. When the eccentric shaft rotation, moving jaw on the trajectory of each point by point hoisting the circle line (radius equal eccentricity), and gradually down into the Oval, the more downward Department, the Oval side until the bottom plate and thrust Track connection point for the arc line. As a result of this mechanical activity in the jaw on the points more complicated trajectory, the complex known as Swing jaw crusher.

        - Tilting jaw crusher and SR tilting, compared to its advantages are: the quality of light, fewer components, more compact structure, the degree of fragmentation cavity filled with good materials installed by the broken pieces are uniform, moving to the bottom of the jaw introduced mandatory finished unloading, and productivity is higher than the same specifications SR placed jaw crusher 20-30% higher productivity; materials block moving lower jaw have greater upper and lower roller sports, the cube was easy unloaded shape, a decrease of SR Tilting products like sheet as components, better product quality.

Other types of jaw crusher:
1. Hydraulic jaw crusher
2. Without grinding jaw crusher
3. Impact jaw crusher
4. Directly drive jaw crusher
5. Double-lumen jaw crusher
6. Wedge roller jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher s main components:

Rack 1
Rack open the walls from top to bottom is rigid framework for support under eccentric shaft and the reaction of broken material, require sufficient strength and stiffness, with the general overall Steel Casting, Minicomputer can also be used instead of high quality iron casting. Sub-rack mainframe to cast, and then bolted firmly into the overall link, casting complex. Made small jaw crusher rack can also be used thick steel plate welded together, but less stiffness.

2 jaw plate and side-boards
Fixed jaw and the jaw-jaw and palate by the board composition, regardless of the jaw board is working with bolts and iron wedge in the jaw fixed bed. For the jaw-jaw is rack anterior and moving jaw-jaw hanging in the week, have sufficient strength and rigidity to bear crushing force, which is mostly cast steel or cast iron pieces.

3 Transmission of
Crusher eccentric shaft is the main axis of the great bends torque, high-carbon steel. Eccentric parts should be finishing, heat treatment, with tile bearing lining Babbit pouring. Eccentric shaft end loaded pulley and the other end with the flywheel.

Wedge-conditioning installations, and the plate-hydraulic, a wedge-general, after two wedge formed by former wedge can be around Mobile, withstood after pushing boards to regulate wedge after wedge, can be moved up and down, the sloping side of the two wedge-fit by the screw after Wedge moved up and down to adjust the size I expected. Small jaw crusher mouth of the regulation is expected to change after the use of thrust bearing plate between the frame and the 623201094345ber of pads to achieve.

5 Flywheel
Jaw crusher to the flywheel storage space moving the jaw of his energy to industrial use into shape so that mechanical work is in line with more uniform. Pulley also plays a flywheel effect. Flywheel often cast iron or cast steel manufacturing, the flywheel Minicom often made integral. Flywheel manufacturing, installation, we should pay attention to static equilibrium.

6 lubricating device
Eccentric shaft bearing lubrication cycle usually concentrated. Thrust plate mandrel and the support of the general manual grease gun oil to the oil. Fixed swinging angle of the jaw of a small, spindle and bearing lubrication between difficult, and often in the bush at the bottom of a 623201094345ber of axial oil trenches, a middle part connected to the fuel tank so that it, and then pump mandatory butter into dry lubrication.

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