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Installation instructions and operation of ultrafine crusher of vipeak

1 rotor balance in the factory after processing, users generally do not balance in the trial, Hammer and the replacement rotor components, it should be balanced configuration, symmetric error is less than 0.2 kg.
2 host installation should be transferred balance, the level of the spindle difference is less than 1 mm, the main driven round in the same plane, adjust belt tightness appropriate, fixed motors.
3 components installed to check whether the position shift, deformation, locking all the bolts, eliminating transportation loose. Check whether good seal. 
4 check the reliability of the hydraulic system moves, whether leakage.
5 inspection grate-positioning and spacing is correct, whether Pai iron gate movements flexible, and Hammerhead Grate planes, whether counterattack plate collision, the hammer and left for the 20-25 mm gap liner, and left hammerhead board or counter - Comb-board material for the gap 15-20 mm, with a hammer-expected gap grate board should be 10-15 mm.
6 removal of foreign body, for the moving rotor, check for friction, collisions and other anomalies.
7 inspection separator very reliable.

1, after the completion of the installation work, to check the accuracy of location, can be empty boot, activate within 10 seconds hammerhead collision beep is abnormal, if after 10 seconds of friction, collisions, obviously vibration, acoustic differences should immediately check shutdown , according to the itemized list of troubleshooting investigation, the larger question should be informed me company service staff to solve the user not to arbitrarily change the machine structure, changing positions.

2, empty commissioning normal, check for current and voltage values and records.

3, idling 3-4 consecutive hours, check bearing temperature, more than 75 hours should be shutdown for inspection or housings will be covered from top to bottom between the pads, check oil level. 4, all items debugging normal, which can carry out pilot production. . Manual feeding, inspection broken effects, such as lower production and provide material too small, the current larger choice of slit width grate grate board or left (under) hammerhead counterattack plate and transferred large gap between the contrary should be replaced Narrow Grate board or will be left (2) counter plate and transfer of small gap between the hammer.

2. Official production;
Boot sequence: Hoist a chronology of ? ? Feeder
Shutdown order; feeder ? ? chronology of Hoist
Feed grain size after the first small, slow speed after the first fast one hour after achieving the rated output. Not long overload, otherwise, bearing bad run-in, broken machines serious impact on life expectancy. Users should establish the rules of the maintenance system and determine individual responsibility and training machine repair and operations staff, a clear understanding of the principle, the structure and maintenance of knowledge. Increase class size bearings should be molybde772010104401 disulfide on the 3rd Lithium Grease about 50 grams of oil-about 60 mm per an772010104401 cleaning inspection. The first week after the use of a hammer, left open the cover, inspection of the rotor and wear parts, identifying maintenance cycle, to wear the side of a U-turn when the use of hammerhead half. Hammerhead unilateral use of every deputy within 15 days ago to open the inspection to prevent excessive wear. Maintenance of the body, such as high temperature, air-cooled cooling should be used not to rinse with cold water to prevent the wearable pieces of crack. Counterattack plate, side to wear liner thickness of less than 10 mm should be replaced; left liner d" 20 mm should be replaced. Hammer and Hammer disc sets wear after wear-resistant surfacing layer, and this can be provided by TDL wearable electrode, or the hardness greater than HRC55 electrode. Overhaul inspection: wearable pieces, spindle straightness, the electrical insulation, bearings, electrical and wiring hydraulic system, Pai iron gate-grate. Repair inspection: bearings, wearable pieces. Minor repairs inspection: bolts, fasteners, positioning, spacing, V-belt, wearable pieces wear.

Hammerhead wear, a larger size material will be left (2) counter to the plate in advance, reducing the board space and counterattack hammer to guarantee space in the 10-15 mm, and the adjustment of existing There are three ways: `$ about flat with the body between the Portland adjustment pad (or adjustment screw), adjusted by increasing or decreasing pads (or adjustment screw) change left (2) counter space between the plate and Hammerhead. a$ left (2) behind the plate with a counterattack There is the adjustment of bar extending from the sides, and the box with support on both sides of the box through the top wire (PCF300 with hydraulic jacks) may be adjusted, should open the box before adjustment decking, and the dust cleared. b$ new regulation modified device can be tuned directly counter board left after the top left-conditioning silk (2) counter board position. Note: All adjustment method into with the same requirements on both sides retreated, and the top of the wire must be at the same time. Each of the adjustments for about 5-10 mm, each of the adjustments, the left (2) counter space between the plate and hammer should be not less than 10 mm, to use until the hammer-and-half or replaced. Special Note: Hammer for the replacement of the hammer-or the need to left (2) counter board for the gap adjustment between 10-15 mm.

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